NOVEMBER 8, 2017  

22 vintage medical illustrations of a 1920 manual book by the French Red Cross 

This is a selection of medical and anatomical illustrations from a book that we recently found at a flea market in Montpellier... Read more  

OCTOBER 28, 2017  

Coca-Cola arrives in France (1950) 

The Coca Cola was unofficially available in France since 1919 and officially since 1933. After the war the brand launched a new... Read more  

OCTOBER 24, 2017  

26 vintage 'Air France' posters to inspire you 

Air France was formed on October 7, 1933 from a merger of several airlines including Air Orient and Compagnie Générale Aéropostale. Since then, the brand has made a conscious decision... Read more  

OCTOBER 21, 2017  

Tom Hanks loves to collect typewriters 

The Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks started collecting typewriters in 1978 after he acquired his first, a Hermes 2000. Today he has almost 250 typewriters in his collection...Read more  

OCTOBER 19, 2017  

Polaroids in movies and TV series 

As vintage enthusiasts and collectors, we challenged ourselves to discover all the models of Polaroid instant cameras that have been used in...Read more