• Image of 1950 French "SMI" Alarm Clock in Baby Blue
  • Image of 1950 French "SMI" Alarm Clock in Baby Blue

This is a classic vintage 1950s French mechanical alarm clock from the manufacturer SMI (Société Méridionale d'Industrie Marseille). It was one of the first post-war produced clock model and is in working condition with a nice ticking!

- Dimensions: 9,5 cm (diameter) x 10,5 cm (height) x 5,5 cm (width)
- Original paint (baby blue)
- It is in fair vintage condition, with some stains and beautiful aged look (the paper face is yellowed)
- The alarm does not work
- The clock mechanism is in working order (runs slow, losing about 12 minutes per day/the dial is not perfectly straight)
- It needs winding up every day to keep good time (1-Day clock)*
- The numbers glow in the dark
- Due to its age, this clock is mainly for decoration purposes

These clocks are very collectible and perfect for the vintage clock enthusiast or vintage home decor.

* Many mechanical clocks are 8-day winders, but some are 1-day.
This is very important to know so you can properly wind your clock.


France 7.00€
Europe 12.00€
Rest of the world 23.00€


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