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Vintage 1929's Linguaphone "COURS D’ANGLAIS" English Course Records Feat J.R.R. Tolkien

Image of Vintage 1929's Linguaphone "COURS D’ANGLAIS" English Course Records Feat J.R.R. Tolkien

- Set of 15 vinyl 78rpm records with original hard case
- Year: 1929
- Dimensions: 28 x 7,3 x 28,3 cm
- Records are double sided and in original sleeves
- Weight: 4,1 Kg

1-2: The Browns at home / A visit
3-4: The children / The Smith's drawing room
5-6: Dinner / The bedroom
7-8: The house / A street in London
9-10: The hotel / At the restaurant
11-12: Travelling - At the railway station / At the post office
13-14: The seasons / Sports and games
15-16: -
17-18: A visit to London / A visit to London
19-20: The big stores / At the tobacconist's
21-22: The barber and hairdresser / The doctor and the chemist
23-24: At the tailor's / At the dressmaker's and milliner's
25-26: Time / At the bank
27-28: Commerce and industry / The motor car
29-30: The theatre / Wireless
31-32: -
One extra record: English sounds

A couple of the records have a few light marks and scratches, most in very good condition. They have not been tested for quality / Rust and scuffing to the outside of the case / 2 records, 2 sleeves and the booklets are missing / This set is being sold as is

- Linguaphone was established in 1901 by Jacques Roston, a translator and language teacher, born in Poland and they were the first language training company to recognize the potential of combining the traditional written course with the wax cylinder and later with records. At the height of their popularity, Linguaphone was not only a large, international publishing house with many prestigious representative offices (for books, records, tapes and cassettes) but they also ran fashionable language schools in a number of major cities across the world, such as London, Paris, New York and Tokyo.
- Two professors, J.R.R. Tolkien and A. Lloyd James, did a recording for the Linguaphone conversational course in English. The earliest recording of Tolkien’s voice, as far as is known to us, was made by July 1929 for the Linguaphone Conversational Course in English, issued by the Linguaphone Institute of London as a set of 78 rpm records. Tolkien read the introduction to, and played one of two roles in, Lesson 20, ‘At the Tobacconist’s’, and again was one of two readers for Lesson 30, ‘Wireless’.

France 13.00€ | Europe 22.00€ | Rest of the world 53.00€


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