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Oct 24, 2017
26 vintage 'Air France' posters to inspire you

'Air France' was formed on October 7, 1933 from a merger of several airlines including Air Orient and Compagnie Générale Aéropostale. Since then, the brand has made a conscious decision to represent French values, culture, cuisine, and especially style in the air. This led to a unique mission for its advertising. The airline agreed to give the opportunity to poster artists to express themselves freely on aviation. With a heritage of over 1500 posters produced by the most famous illustrators, Air France has one of the greatest collections in the world. We took a look and put together the best posters from the airline's past, ca. 1930s - 1960s.

1. Yasukazu Tabuchi (1952)
2. Bernard Villemot (1952)
3. Vernier (1960)
4. Luc-Marie Bayle (1948)
5. Bernard Villemot (1956)
7. Bernard Villemot (1949)
8. Yasukazu Tabuchi (1952)
9. Yves Brayer (1949)
10. Vincent Guerra (1950)
11. Guy Georget (1961)
12. Bernard Villemot (1958)
13. Guy Georget (1959)
14. Jean Colin (1959)
15. Raoul Éric Castel (1952)
26. Edmond Maurus (1954)